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I use LiveJournal to find and follow Southern Vampire Mysteries fan fiction.


I especially enjoy a sassy and confident Sookie who can flirt and spar with Eric. I don’t like Bill (True Blood has spoiled him for me) and I can’t tolerate a Sookie who always runs away or is too stubborn to think straight. As well as being unattractive, both of those characteristics are done to death.

I love Pam, I think she’s my ‘Which SVM character would you most like to be’. Amelia can be a lot of fun and I think if you could get her to loosen up, Thalia would have some tales to tell.


I am pretty straight down the line Eric and Sookie, but enjoy other pairings that don’t include those two. I think the exception to this was ‘The Heat Is In The Tools’ (SookiexAlcide) which worked really well. I just can’t be doing with Sookie and Sam even though I have a lurking suspicion that they may end up together, having his puppies in SVM. I just have my fingers crossed that I’m wrong. It’s because CH says Sookie will never be a vampire and somehow that will mean her and Eric split up, even if they do love one another. She wants the human life and a family, so will settle for notEric. Eric loves her so will let her go. Idiots. Also, she has never gone out with Sam, if she did and it didn’t work, it would be harder to put them together again, the fact that they have never been together keeps it a possibility for the future. I hope I’m overthinking it.


I don’t write because I don’t have the time or the ability, so I admire those that do.




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